Era of LED lamps and lanterns industry to accelerate the focus?
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      Lighting is a rigid demand, until after Edison invented electric light to form a new industry. From the initial development of tungsten filament incandescent electric light products to energy-saving fluorescent lamps, now LED lights, lighting industry also developed into a billions of dollars from the zero level of large market.
      In the era of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, due to the manufacturer through to the product design, manufacturing to ensure the stability of light source and durability, European and American companies with technology accumulation, and the accumulation of brand and channel, in the history of occupying most of the market, philips, GE, osram lighting giants. Into the era of LED lights, with dividends, and government spare no effort to support engineer, China gradually catch up with on the technology, and more than Europe and the United States, and other developed countries, the quality of the product is not worse than Europe and the United States, but at a lower cost, better service, so that from chips, packaging to the light source, LED the whole industry chain basic it moved to China.
      Believe that China will soon appear one or several leading manufacturers can be comparable with the international giants.