Global LED bulb prices continue to fall in October
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    Set consulting LED research center (LEDinside) latest price, according to a report in October 2017, the global LED bulbs prices continue to fall, replace 40-watt incandescent lamp LED bulbs retail price fell 1.7%, to $6.2. Instead of 60 watt incandescent lamp LED bulbs retail price fell 1.7%, to $7.4.
    Yu Bin LEDinside analyst, into the fourth quarter, in order to hit sales, parts manufacturers adopt low price promotion strategy, global LED bulb prices continue to fall in October.
LED device prices stable, multiple vendors to launch new products
     China LED packaging, prices continue to stability in October. Compared with eight, in September, October, the boom of the LED industry recovered, although inventories rose LED chip manufacturers, but it is within the normal range, the chip prices continue to stability, the LED package price is stable. Some manufacturers have launched new products, the power part, Lumileds released in fashion retail and food lighting market power in the LUXEON Stylist series, the product USES the 2835 and 3014 FreshFocus technology, emphasis on panchromatic domain and highlights the quality; High power, hon, resistance to sulfide "screen seal" series of LED, including AT50 / AT70, improve reliability, longevity, international manufacturer Cree, SSC has also launched new products, small size, high brightness, high color is the main pursuit of direction.