Beysda Lighting Co., Limited (FSH GROUP)

As a registered trademark, Beysda Lighting is the export brand of FSH Group, we are located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. , focused on modern lighting industry for more than ten years, is a strong and vibrant modern lighting enterprise. The company's founder, artist Huang Feng under the leadership of Mr. Feng, for many years, adhere to their own design, now on the front of their own R & D and production team, from design to mold manufacturing, we do not leave his hand from beginning to end, we witnessed the birth of every product, every product has on the front of a unique label, other classic color, hardness and softness, style is restrained and the atmosphere, avant-garde and extreme, favored by customers.
It is because the front, adhere to the original, do not clean, with the flow, the characteristic, the cornerstone of the taste of the product as the company's survival, and the feedback of customer needs, as the R & D team design inspiration, based on the original, adhere to their own design style, establish a pragmatic and innovative marketing idea, we established a long-term cooperation with many well-known brands at present, on the front of main business based on OEM.


Hunan Normal School of art crafts, external art teachers; Jiangxi University of industrial design of external combat instructors; member of Hunan Calligraphers Association in Loudi. Creative thinking, dare to self innovation, bold to try new things, over the years focused on arts and crafts design, originality of product design. In the design of lamps and lanterns, the works are shaped Classic, light, hard and soft, and style, restrained and atmosphere, avant-garde and not extreme, suitable for the pursuit of excellence, quality and personality, habitat for the vast numbers of people. So far, we have successfully led the research and development of more than 2000 innovative design products. Among them, about 1800 lamps and lanterns, decorative arts and crafts about 200 varieties, art collections about 200 models, furniture about 50 varieties. More than 500 of these products are sold in the market, sold in North America, Europe, China and other regions. Currently specializing in the design of modern lamps. It has more than 100 patents.

1800+ Lighting Design
200+ Crafts Design
200+ Art Design
50+ Furniture Design